Selasa, 27 Mei 2014

Lowongan Kerja Anindojaya Swakarsa

PT. Anindojaya Swakarsa founded by Mr. Djohan Arifin . During the establishment of PT. Anindojaya Swakarsa , Mr. Djohan Arifin still working in one of the biggest and best pharmaceutical company in Indonesia . To demonstrate its commitment as a loyal employee , he handles PT. Anindojaya Swakarsa only on Saturdays and Sundays . PT. Anindojaya Swakarsa officially founded on December 4, 1993 as a trading company started in July 1997 and moved into the company of pharmaceutical raw materials . Since the establishment of PT. Anindojaya Swakarsa to date with nearly two decades of experience has put our company as a market leader of Vitamin B6 Hcl ex . Tianxin , Mefenamic Acid ex . Tianxin and Rifampicin ex . Antibiotics Shenyang dominate the market with over 50 % share of the Indonesian market and will be followed immediately by products - other products . Read more »

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