Selasa, 20 Januari 2015

Lowongan Kerja Semen Jawa (SCG)

SCG began business operation in Indonesia since 1995 by opening a trading office which mainly focused on trading and market research, and gradually expand investment in diversified businesses such as PVC, ceramic tiles, and join venture with partner in building materials business. In 2011-2012, SCG intensely invested in array of businesses in Indonesia to pursue the company's vision to become a sustainable leader in ASEAN. Today, SCG has more than 5,700 employees in Indonesia and total of 20 companies in many industries including petrochemicals, cement, building materials, and distribution. Among SCG businesses in the ASEAN countries excluding Thailand, Indonesia currently ranks number one on the total assets, which is amounted approximately 9,400 Rupiah (30,400 million Baht), accounted for 55% of SCG's assets in ASEAN region. SCG continues to study market possibility of the country to seek for new investment opportunity in Indonesia Read more »

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